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Car Rentals

Independent transport for disabled drivers.

Automatic fully-fitted hand-controlled cars on self-drive rental.

Unlimited mileage (in the UK only)

Key Benefits

[Bullet] Hand Controls- single lever, push/brake, pull/throttle
[Bullet] Adaptations can be made for left hand operation on large cars,
or left foot throttleon all cars
[Bullet] RAC breakdown/rescue/recovery

Car Rental

For those disabled people who are not wheelchair users, or who can transfer, and prefer to do the driving themselves the company offers right-hand drive car, both large and small.

Small cars are the Renault Clio or GM Corsa hatchback; large cars are the handsome Peugeot 406 or Ford Mondeo wagon at 15' 3" long. Like the vans they are all automatic and come with permanent hand controls fitted to the left or right of the steering column and optional steering ball at 2 or 10 o'clock position. They have the same facilities as the vans in terms of fitments and support services. Full colour leaflet available on request


Rental rates are from 46 per day inclusive of taxes, insurance and unlimited mileage, but exclusive of CDEW and delivery to arrival airport, or elsewhere which can be quoted on request.

All rates are UK Pounds Sterling
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