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Delivery and collection Service

Since we offer a unique service to disabled travelers, we are confident that we can deliver a vehicle anywhere in the country always remembering that we have to make a charge. We do try our best however to keep it inside the clients budget. Often clients might fly into Manchester or Glasgow. Arrive by ship at Southampton, Harwich or Dover. Break down in Liverpool, Bristol or Cardiff. Or just happen to live in Plymouth, Leeds or Cambridge. All we ask is that clients are willing to take delivery at any time, and give our driver a lift back to the nearest rail station so he can complete his journey home.

Continental use
We know from our research that sources of vans with lifts, and cars with hand controls are also limited in mainland Europe, which is why we allow our vehicles to be taken overseas. It is now so easy, quick, and enjoyable to cross - or travel under - that 21 mile stretch of water called the English Channel. Just let us know in advance which countries you will be visiting, the dates and duration. We can then arrange the necessary documentation, equipment and insurance needed.
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